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MHRA Release Sanofi Aventis Acomplia Statistics

Written by Stuart Stevens | Thursday, 05 June 2008| There is 1 comment

Sanofi Aventis reported sales in 2007 for the Acomplia drug of almost £65million

The weight loss medication Acomplia from the drug manufacturer Sanofi-Aventis is facing a fair bit of media scrutiny after the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency posted information on its website showing that the drug had been linked to five deaths and 720 adverse side effects. In line with correct pharmaceutical practice all adverse events relating to any medication sold in the United Kingdom are reported on the MHRA web site and the figures relating to the Acomplia weight loss drug include everything when it was launched in June 2006 up until May 9th 2008.

mhra release sanofi aventis acomplia statistics

The weight loss drug Acomplia is an appetite suppressant which works by preventing signals telling you that you are hungry from reaching the brain and thus you are less likely to eat. In clinical testing which was done with Acomplia people who use the drug were considerably more likely to lose weight than those people who were given a placebo pill.

At Ukmedix News we are committed to giving you the news about any of the products sold on the Ukmedix web site even if the news seems to be "bad" news. In the case of the Acomplia weight loss medication the fact that there have been adverse side effects may appear to be worrying, however it is important to take the figures into context with the amount of Acomplia that has actually been used.

For example you should know that Sanofi Aventis reported sales in 2007 for the Acomplia drug of almost £65 million meaning that tens of thousands of people have used the medication and not reported any problems with it. Ukmedix will be contacting Sanofi Aventis for the latest figures regarding the patient usage of Acomplia so that the statistical significance of the figures released concerning adverse events can be put into perspective.

The other thing which you should be aware of is that Acomplia is not to be used by people who suffer from depression or any mental illness and this is made perfectly clear on the labelling of the drug. Your doctor should always warn you about these side effects, (the doctors at Ukmedix always do) and you should discontinue this drug immediately if you feel unwell.

Overweight and obese people are statistically much more likely to suffer from depression, heart disease, diabetes and even cancer and therefore it is likely that the Acomplia weight loss drug having been used by thousands of people to lose weight has saved many lives.

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There is 1 comment on this article.

On April 06, 2014 @ 09:09
John said:
This post brings up some itnreesting points about the profession of true medical education.With the exception of the U.S., medical educators elsewhere affiliated with medical corporations typically have some sort of notabe and thorough knowledge related to the products they promote and the complexity associated with thier vocations.In our system, medical corporations typically pick those they emphasize the most, which is those individuals who display looks and personality, which are in no way related to thier purpose or desire to medically educate. In fact, it seems apathy is preferred with medical reps by many medical corporations. in the U.S. instead of education As if this were to occur, embellishments would decrease substantially along with the emphasis on prosperity, which would inhibit these reps from compromising thier integrity. God forbid a U.S. Med rep. introspect in regards to thier valuable vocation, along with the ethics and honesty that should blend with thier vocation as a med. rep.5
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