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Acomplia To Be Pulled

Written by Stuart Stevens| Tuesday, 28 October 2008| There are 0 comments

This recent ruling by the EMEA comes as a surprise to Ukmedix

In a surprise decision the European Medicines Agency has advised doctors to no longer prescribe the weight loss medication Acomplia. The drug Acomplia which has been prescribed to almost 100,000 individuals in the United Kingdom was seen to increase the chances of psychiatric problems in people who used it following ongoing tests by the EMEA.

acomplia to be pulled

Acomplia which is manufactured by the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi Aventis has been selling in the United Kingdom since June 2006. Most European Union nations were also freely prescribing the obesity medication and it had been well received in general.

The EMEA has always been aware of the psychiatric risks linked with the use of the weight loss drug Acomplia however following their recent testing they felt that the risks outweighed the benefits and thus they took the decision to recommend that it was no longer prescribed. The labeling accompanying the Acomplia weight loss drug has always warned that people with a history of psychiatric disorders should stay away from this medication.

In the United Kingdom the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency also went along with the recommendation from the EMEA that doctors should not continue to prescribe Acomplia. Interestingly Acomplia was given the green light by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence and was even available on the National Health Service as a result.

This recent ruling by the EMEA comes as a surprise to Ukmedix and to thousands of health care professionals around the United Kingdom and is by no means the last word on Acomplia. Sanofi-Aventis in a carefully worded statement explained that they would immediately comply with all the European medical authority requests to "temporarily suspend" the marketing of Acomplia. They also pointed out that Acomplia had to date provided significant clinical benefits to around 700,000 individuals worldwide.

Ukmedix will be following any new updates and recommendations regarding the weight loss drug Acomplia and it will no longer be available from the Ukmedix web site until further notice.

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